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Mexico City's favorite Singer, Alejandro Fernandez Born on April 24th 1971 as the beginning of this story has been told many times, the child who barely five years old, is encouraged to go on stage to sing alongside with his father Vicente Fernandez in San Antonio, Texas. The boy had tried his hand at music and knew it very well, but became stricken with stage fright after gazing out at the thousands of people in which he panicked. When little Alejandro burst into tears, the father came to his rescue, rearranging the verse. So he went on with his life and studied architecture That was when Don Vicente came with a proposal to record a duet with him for an album in tribute to Mexican music. Alexander agreed, and the selected topic, "Love of the two," was a success.
The success of that recording led to a new invitation, only this time Alejandro Fernandez saw possibilities to develop as an artist, and left the architecture.

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