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Multi talented Lenny Kravitz has come along way since his his landmark 1989 debut LET LOVE RULE. In that time, he has sold over 35 million albums and won four Grammy awards, traveled the world, got married, had a daughter, and still grooves audiences far and wide as he is back on tour, But despite these dazzling achievements—or maybe because of them—the singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist's home in the Bahamas has remained a crucial part of his life.

For his ninth album, Lenny Kravitz found much of his inspiration close to home. In fact, the very spirit of BLACK AND WHITE AMERICA came from the locations in which the music was made—from a tiny, 400-person community in the Bahamas to the streets of Paris. And out of his experiences as a true citizen of the planet, his first new songs in three years became the most personal and diverse collection of his career. "No doubt, my environment definitely lends a lot to the creative process," he says.

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