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Lisa Lampanelli

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Lisa Lampanelli is a New England bred Italian babe born Lisa Lampugnale on July 19th 1961 in Trumbull, Conn. That in itself gives you a clue how she fine tuned her act. Growing up all around mouthy and passionate with a touch of spicy meatballs this lady is of course as passionate with her life is she is with her work. Family and friends mean everything to her as well as her generosity to charities. Her comedy central appearances as a roast participant has everyone rolling in tears with laughter or just rolling in tears for other reasons so if she hits a nerve on either race, creed, sex or religion than just know that Lisa speaks for everyone who wished they had her guts.!

Her wildly raunchiness has defined Lisa as one of America's favorite female stand up comedian and literally you could title her as the ultimate queen of insults as she hold no bars back. She let's it all hang out, she wears her most sarcastic voice on her sleeve and the sleeze comes dribbling down. Her show is not for the tender hearts at all!! If your tired of everyone putting on their "politically correct" mask then you would benefit from one of Lisa Lampanelli's shows.

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