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You can say we all miss the big hair 80s, the outrageous styles, the wild women and their crazy men they loved, worshiped, and adored at least til the end of the night. As fast as the words Motley Crue are spoken, your looking straight at the far out originals of that untamed time zone that brought the best out of all of us with the ultimate sounds of high charged heavy metal paved by the beloved Rock Gods Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, and Micky Mars.

It's just so cool to know these guys are still touring together with the sound that sold them well over 80 million albums worldwide and known as one of the most popular top ten metal bands of all time. These guys know how to work it and they do it in style as they have been known to scoop up some of the world's hottest babes while touring the planet with other rock greats such as Kiss or just part of a 3 day Monster Festival.

Favorite hits songs always seem to include a hot lady who either broke their heart or she broke theirs but for certain we know The Crue's legendary sound will be as hot as their next concert. The Arena's get full quick so get in early.

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