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One of the most celebrated bands in the entire universe "The Rolling Stones" have been performing since they hit the rock scene as far back as 1962. A 50 year career span and still as popular and celebrated as ever as it's truly a wonderful experience to see the most beloved rock legends in the world still perform and pack full houses and entertain like they haven't missed a beat, they are all gifted with youthful spirits lead by the originals, Mick Jagger, the ultimate Keith Richards and longtime drummer Charlie Watts with Ronnie Wood who jumped on board later on officially calling himself a Rolling Stone in 1976.

The Stones have lived a lifetime of amazing documented experiences in their career with the ups and downs of their careers including losing the great Stone Brian Jones to drug excess as so many good ones who sadly left during the elusive 60s. Their bluesy rock sound is based on the most influential musicians from the deep south as so many British Invasion rockers popularized the ultimate southern soul men such as blues greats Muddy Waters. The beat was right on and just the ticket for success. Other greats known for being a Rolling Stone including original bass Bill Wyman who still tours around with his own band on occasion as Wyman's Rhythm Kings, and Mick Taylor who also is still circulating on stage from time to time.

Their very first gig was performed at the Marquee club in the infamous section of London's club scene in the West End (165 Oxford St) back in the summer of 1962. Some of us were born and others well we can say were about to be born while many of us were conceived with a Stones tune romancing the night away. Front-man Mick looks as gorgeous and in shape as he did back in the day and keeps the audience equally engaged. It's a chance of a lifetime if your lucky enough to score a ticket to a Stones Show as these icons of Rock got something for everyone, heaven knows they got enough hits to keep the show going for 24 hours -7 days and let's face it the Stones are forever in our veins, hearts and souls.

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