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It doesn't get any better than this as far as rock is concerned! If your a true rockin roller and a Pink Floyd fan, this is one great opportunity to see the main voice and stage performance of the one and the only Roger Waters. He's a priceless artist in the last of the greats in the music world. Floyd hit the scene back in the late 60's with their psychedelic instrumentals when music was all about experimentation and being one of a kind in sound with all you could give was the right recipe to get heard and with much appreciation. Audiences craved for more of the unique sounds and people can argue which album got them on the map but with due respects when Dark Side Of The Moon was released in March 1973 it charted instant success as it went immediately on tour and became an elaborate stage show of visuals with lasers which back then that was something to see as that became their signature concert style to see all the stage visuals as part of the show stimulating all the senses including the eyes and ears so in between successful albums such as Wish You Were Here and Animals came one of Roger Waters most important and successful achievements in March 1979, The Wall. Supporting the album was their 1982 hit movie visual of The Wall. The Berlin concert in July 1990 became an important legacy and heart wrenching experience as "The Wall" in Berlin came down back in 1989 and this concert was the cherry on the sundae for that historic event! Roger's contribution to the good of all through his magical music has lasted 5 decades and his message for humanity has yet to be heard!

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